Happy Six Months Curious and Determined LLC – Yoga with Yenly!
These last six months, I have learned and grown so much about running a small business and about myself.  Do you ever get that feeling when you do something and you surprised yourself? Lately, I have been experiencing this a lot.  As my business grows, my mission becomes stronger.  My mission is to spread true self-love, self-compassion, and empower other women and girls through education, health and wellness, and leadership.  When I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Costa Rica, I had the privilege to give back to women and girls through teaching yoga/Pilates and established the first girl soccer team and now a soccer league in my remote village!  Later, when I was in my mid-20s, I had the opportunity to live not only mine and also my parent’s dream when I worked with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) as a Sport and Education Officer impacted nine million refugees children around the world.  You see, my calling has always been serving others, making a difference in their lives, and bringing people together.  Will you join me on this mission? 
Before Yoga with Yenly…

11 months ago, I made the decision to leave my six-figure comfortable job to be a stay-at-home mom. I was managing over one hundred employees, the pandemic hit and we didn’t have childcare. I was stressed out, experiencing anxiety, and a lack of support from upper management, and unbalance between being a new mom and managing people. I realized my position created more health concerns and it was not aligned with my core values.  It was a difficult decision, I thought. I invested ten years building my career within the agency and worked hard to move up the ladder.  It became my identity and life. The idea of leaving a high-paying job and enjoying making a difference scared me.  Then, it didn’t matter anymore when my last day at the office, I found out that my beloved brother passed. I became lost and was depressed for months.  In honor of my brother, six months ago, I decided to start my own small business that serves and empowers women and girls through my passion for teaching yoga and mindfulness and through my personal experience as a woman of color and mom.

What seemed like the hardest decision became the best and easiest decision I had ever made for myself and my family.  Fast forward, I am mindful and present, fun-loving, and in the best health mentally, emotionally, and physically in a long time.  I am home.  I have arrived.  I wanted to share this experience with others, so they can appreciate and accept their lives as they are in the moment.  I am being vulnerable with you because as a woman, a mom, and in a leadership position, I had the courage and bravery to do what was best for my family, my health, and my well-being.  When you are self-aware, you have control over you, how you respond to your outside factors, and the freedom to choose.

If you need connection and search of your identity and self-care, join me for either a weekend yoga retreat, Livestream plus on-demand and parks classes, or attend workshops, where you will get to slow down, discover more about yourself, build and gain relationships with other sisters, and allow yourself to just BE.  I hope to inspire you to find your true happiness and yourself again.  You haven’t lost your identity.  It has always been there; you just need to slow down and accept where you are. 


Thank you for your amazing support. It all starts with YOU!