Big Bear Lake, CA.

Hi Friend,

I am honored that you chose to invest in your health and well-being with me.  My mission is to empower others, especially women and girls, in self-love and self-compassion through teaching yoga and mindfulness practice and hosting retreats.  Through these experiences, you will feel connected with you again, nature and like-minded friends.  

Women’s Yoga and Well-Being Retreat – Big Bear Lake, CA.

Friday, October 27th to Sunday, October 29th, 2023.

Price (Investment and lifetime experience): Yenly’s birthday sales are currently $600 for each person in a shared room and below deals.

  • Share bedroom and bathroom currently $600 each person
  • Master Room: King Bed shared with private bathroom – $950 for each person
  • Queen Bed private room with shared bathroom – $875 for each person
  • Twin Bed private room with shared bathroom – $825 for each person 

* Testimonial from the past participant, click here to watch the video. 

* Testimonial from the past participle, click here to watch the video. 

I am excited to invite you to join me for my Women’s Yoga and Well-Being Retreat from 3 p.m. on Friday, October 27th, to 10 a.m. on Sunday, October 29th, 2023.  This retreat includes all meals, daily yoga and meditation practice, a women’s circle, and a workshop. The theme is “Take Back Your Time in Self-Care.” The intention is to reflect on what matters most to you.  As a result, you’ll feel empowered to focus your time and energy on only what matters most during that present moment in your life.

In addition to mindfulness tools and practices, you will gain new practical lessons learned and resources on self-care and building stronger relationships with other women and yourself.

Yoga and Meditation Classes:

·       Daily yoga and meditation classes will be spread out over the three days.  Yoga classes include vinyasa flow and yin yoga, 

Women’s Circle: “Take Back Your Time in Self-Care

·         The intention of this retreat is to focus your energy and time on what matters most to you in your life right now.  Also, to remind you to slow down and appreciate the little things in life. Let go of any expectations that you have of yourself and others and just accept who you are now. Reconnect with your true self and inner child.


·       You’ll get to meditate while on hikes and surrounded by the fresh lake. 

· Check out trails and hikes within the area.  


Emotional Intelligence and Relationship Building – What triggers you? Learn to self-regulate your emotions to help you personally and professionally.

The intention is to reconnect and/or learn to treat yourself as if you are your own best friend. Imagine your best friend came to you with heartbreak; how do you show up for him/her? Can you show up in the same way for yourself? When you are truly your best friend, you will be a true friend to your loved ones and others. You will learn self-compassion and build stronger relationships with other women and nature.

Welcome, Gift Bag!

Food: “All Meals Included” – Meat and non-meat friendly 

·       Dinner nights, breakfasts, lunch.

Location:  Big Bear, Lake, CA.  Address only provided to participants. 

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Sample of Itinerary for Big Bear, Lake, CA. Retreat.

Tentative Itinerary – subject to change Address    
Friday Time    
Check-in and Settle Down 2 pm Check out your room and new roommates  
Welcome & Yoga Practice  4 pm Meet and Greet  – Yin Yoga  
Community Service/Team Building 5:30 pm Prep for Dinner  
Share Favorite Drinks 6 pm Share your favorite drink  
Dinner 6:30 pm    
Meditation & Women’s Circle 7:30 pm What is Self-compassion?  
Closeout for the night 9 pm    
Coffee and Tea 6:30 am    
Silent Hike and Meditation 7 am Walking meditation – What is mindfulness?  
Yoga on the Deck 8 am Vinyasa Flow   
Community Service/Team Building 9 am    
Breakfast 9:30 am    
Morning Workshop with Yenly 10:30 am What is Emotional Intelligence? How self-aware are you?  
Make your own lunch – Spring Roll 12:00 pm    
Free Time to yourself 1:30 pm Enjoy your free time: meditation, hiking, read, napping, etc.   
Head back to the Cabin 4 pm    
Community Service/Team Building 5 pm Prep for dinner  
Dinner 6:30 pm Southeast Asia Dish – Pho  
Campfire, Smores & dessert 7:30 pm  (Only Camping)  
Meditation & Women’s Circle 8 pm Open Mic/Karaoke (Throat Chakra)  
Closeout for the night 9 pm    
Coffee & tea 6:30 am    
Meditation Hike 7 am    
Morning Yoga 7:30 am Yin Yoga  
Pack up & clean up 8:45 am    
Breakfast 9:30 am    
Women’s Circle 10:00am True love starts with YOU.   
Closeout 10:45 am What’s your takeaway? Testimony  
Lunch on your own and with new friends 11 am Check out downtown Big Bear Lake, CA.   

Thank you so much for investing in you.

Much love, Yenly


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