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I had a conversation with one of my neighbors about taking a leap of faith in something unknown.  It sparks a memory of when I was backpacking through Europe while working with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).  It was a last-minute weekend getaway and I decided to visit Paris, France.  I went to my shared dormitory hosted by Nuns and packed few items of my belonging that just fit in my school backpack.  I arrived at the train station and bought my round trip to Paris, France not knowing where I was going to sleep for the weekend and that night. 

During my train ride, a student from the University of Paris asked if she could sit next to me.  With excitement, I said, “Oui,” in French.  That was the beginning of our beautiful long-distance friendships.  She asked which part of America am I from. Not only, I was proud to identify myself as an American, but also Asian American and I appreciated her question. Somewhere in the conversation, she asked where I would be staying and she would be happy to show me around in Paris.  With uncertainty, I answered, “Not sure. I was just going to walk around and check out few hostels in the area.”  She invited me to stay with her and her roommates at the dormitory. With my limited French and her limited English, we managed to get our point crossed that I needed a place to stay.  That was how I found a place to sleep for the weekend.  That weekend, I met some of Madeline’s friends, family (her Dad), and I got to see Paris from the local’s perspective.  I had an amazing time, gained an awesome friend and human beings, and learned about myself as to how French view American and my trust in myself to just let the universe has my back. 
Would you take a leap of faith and spend a weekend with me and other like-minded women? When you decided, “Yes,” I invite you to join me in my upcoming retreats for FY2021. 

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